Why Homeschool? (plr)

Great post. I decided to home school my daughter this year. So far it has been working out great. Everyone in the family has to make sacrifices in order for it to work. I really love how I can spend one on one time with my daughter . We are both learning new things daily. It really is a blessing being able to home school her at this time.


There are many reasons why parents choose to homeschool their kids. For many it is because they want to add religious content to their children’s learning experience.

Making the decision to home school is usually a very difficult not and it is not one to be taken lightly. It is a personal decision that no one can make for you, but maybe I can help in the thought process by providing you with a comprehensive guide to making the choice to homeschool your kids a successful one.

When making the homeschool decision, you must first consider these things:

1. Time commitment that is involved. Homeschooling has a tendency to take up a lot of time in your day. It involves more than just sitting down with books for a couple of hours. There are experiments and projects that have to be done, lessons to prepare, papers to grade, field trips…

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