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Pray At All Costs

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Chasing Hope


After a few very tough and painful weeks, Jamal is currently undergoing radiation therapy for a number of new tumors that have grown along his spine. He has lost some feeling in his legs and is not able to stand and walk unassisted for long periods of time. Another tumor has grown in his left side, fracturing another rib. Doctors are hoping the radiation will slow the growth of the tumors in order to extend the time before full blown paralysis sets in. However, they are not optimistic that it will return the feeling in his legs that has already been loss. The trial drug Jamal was on proved ineffective for his type of cancer and Jamal has since been removed from the trial. And so he carries on…

The children have begun another school year! Najiyyah is in the 7th grade, Talha, new to middle school, is in the…

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