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Top reason you don’t hear Muslims condemn violence

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I always hear the question asked: Why don’t  Muslims condemn terrorist groups? This question has always annoyed me as I do not expect Christians to condemn crimes committed in the name of Christianity. Seriously, it’s not like Muslims across the globe somehow hold meetings and agree upon the acts of terror. It’s pretty illogical to think every single Muslim has anything to do with such violent activity. There is never a good enough reason to blame an entire group of people because of the actions of some, yet Muslims are.

There are millions of Muslims here in the United States and as far as I have seen Muslims are the ones being attacked! Most recently was the shooting in Chapel Hill, North Carolina where three young Muslims were murdered execution style by a neighbor who was known for his anti-religious Facebook rants. Prior to this incident a Muslim man was strangled to death in Chesterfield, Virginia. In Kansas City, Missouri a Muslim teenager was murdered because of his religious beliefs. Although no one was injured an Islamic institute in Houston was purposely set on fire days after the Chapel Hill shooting.

Aside from these  vicious attacks, Muslims (more specifically Muslim women who wear hijab) face endless harassment. It is very rare that I leave my home and do not deal with negative comments and dirty looks. Most recently in a grocery store a woman gave my girls, who wear hijab, a look of hate and when I caught her evil gaze she turned to her shopping companion and asked loudly had she “seen American Sniper”.

In my opinion this is what makes people perceive Muslims as less human. They watch Fox News and movies that portray Muslims as violent terrorist. There is no clear distinction  between Islam and extremism in the media which totally preys on the ignorance of the general public. People who do not take the time to read and inform themselves suddenly feel qualified to talk about “what Islam teaches”.

The ill informed individuals  seem to be the same ones asking why Muslims don’t condemn terrorism. To this I ask, how many Islamic events have you attended lately? How many Friday prayers have you been to? How many Muslims do you personally know?  I have been Muslim my entire life and have ALWAYS heard the leaders condemning violence.

It is very possible the TOP reason the condemnation of terrorist activity is not heard because those asking are absent when its being spoken.

Every Islamic event attended has been a public event and regardless of what hateful Islamophobic individuals will have you believe, there are no secret rooms in Islamic Centers grooming young Muslims to be terrorist. Mosques are public buildings. With that being said, I would like to personally invite every reader to a Jummuah (Friday) prayer at your local Masjid/Mosque/Islamic Center. You may learn something new.

Peace be with you.

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