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Some of yall don’t know you’re racist so I’m here to tell you

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Yesterday I posted this picture of a book I was required to read in college about discrimination and prejudice with the caption “some of yall don’t know you’re racist” and encouraged the reading of the book. Now I would like to elaborate a little on exactly what I meant. Many of my post have to do with current events around the world but frequently I will post about racism. I am not of the belief that we live in a post racial society. Especially in the United States, there is much proof that racism is alive and well. With that being said many times I get comments on my posts that are similar to “oh that’s messed up” to “we all bleed the same; I’m so tired of this racist stuff” etc ect ect. 

Well, I am sorry to have to point this out but I have had to ban friends of those same friends from my Facebook blog page for making racist bigoted comments. So coming  on my post telling me how much racism sucks really makes me give you the major side eye. How about you preach that to your racist friends? When your racist friends make comments on your posts that are discriminatory instead of “liking” their comments (or in some instances quickly deleting) why not refute them? Unless of course you are a closet racist yourself. Speaking out on racism is all of our responsibility. Not just the ones who are being oppressed. If you in fact disagree with racism make it known. Preaching to me or others who actively oppose racism and bigotry is pointless. We are aware of how much “it sucks”. Go to your friends and tell them how terrible it is when they make racist comments. Tell them how tired you are of this “racist stuff”. I’m done!!!



For the “what about Black on Black crime” folks

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A friend of mine is in a terrible relationship. Let’s call her Anne.Her husband has abused her for some time. At first the abuse was just verbal. He would call her names and put her down whenever she would make an attempt attempt to accomplish anything. I advised her to call the domestic abuse hotline but she refused claiming things weren’t so bad. Eventually the abuse became physical. Anne’s husband once dragged her by her hair because his food was too hot. It wasn’t until Anne’s husband struck her while she held their newborn for crying too much that she had enough. Anne suspected the abuse would trickle down to their child and she didn’t want that to happen. She finally decided to call the hotline in hopes of receiving some advice about her situation.
Once on the line the operator somehow obtained some information about Anne. The operator told Anne she shouldn’t be concerned about the abuse because she has some unhealthy lifestyles that are equivalent to the abuse. Anne picked up a bad habit of smoking because of the stress from her relationship. Anne had also began eating poorly and subsequently gained some weight. The operator pointed this out to Anne telling her she is damaging her own health so how dare she complain about being abused? Anne cried as she tried to understand the connection. All Anne wanted was for the abuse to stop. She realized the damage she was doing to her own health and was working towards making some healthy lifestyle changes but also wanted to live a life without being abused constantly. 

This is what the “what about black on black crime” folks sound like. The issue of police brutality is one of abuse and excessive force. When stories after stories about police brutality are heard and all some can think of is how imperfect African Americans are then it’s showing a deeper issue. For starters, it’s a total lack of empathy concerning the abuse. Secondly, the inability to focus on multiple issues is evident. Yes Black on Black crime exist. Yes there is Obesity in the Black community. Yes there are drugs in the Black community. But SO WHAT!!! These same issues exist in any community you find in the United States not just the Black community. 

So claiming Black on Black crime should prevent us from speaking out on Police brutality and the use of excessive force is ridiculous! We need to be able to focus on multiple issues at once. After all how crazy would it sound to tell an abused woman to fix herself before she seeks help???


Excerpt from speech by El Hajj Malik Shabazz aka Malcolm X at the Homecoming Rally of the Organization of Afro-American Unity, New York City, 29 Nov. 1964

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“…but I think then the white man should know one thing-when I say white man, I’m not saying all of you, whatever you are, because some of you might be all right. And whichever one of you acts all right with me, you’re all right with me, as long as you act all right. But if you don’t act all right, you’re not all right. All you’ve got do to be right with me is act all right. But don’t come thinking you’re all right just because you are white.
   I think that that point has to be made because if you don’t clarify it, they go out of here saying you’re a racist, that you’re against all white people. We are not against all white people. We are against all those that aren’t all right…

…It should be emphasized over and over and over by you and me that we aren’t racists. One of the worst categories to let them put you in is the category of a racist.

…I’m not a racist. I don’t judge a man because of his color. I get suspicious of a lot of them and cautious around a lot of them- from experience. Not because of their color, but because of what experience has taught me concerning their overall behavior towards us. So, please don’t ever go away saying that we are against people because of their color. We are against them because of what they do to us and because of what they do to others. Al they have to do to get our good will is to show their good will and stop doing all those dirty things to our people. Is that understood?”
Excerpt from speech by El Hajj Malik Shabazz aka Malcolm X at the Homecoming Rally of the Organization of Afro-American Unity, New York City, 29 Nov. 1964


Golden Milk- My new favorite drink :)

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I am so in love with this drink. It’s made with turmeric. Turmeric has so many amazing health benefits. One that I like to point out is its ability to help with pain/inflammation. If you suffer from diseases such as lupus, arthritis, or severe migraines you may want to incorporate turmeric in your diet. 

First you are going to want to make a turmeric paste. I used a recipe from Youtube channel SikhNet. As stated in the video turmeric is used in many Indian dishes especially those with curry. I like to use turmeric to make yellow rice. I also mix a little turmeric in a tea I drink daily.

I tweaked the directions in the video for the golden milk by adding 1 tablespoon of turmeric paste to a few cups of almond milk. Some recipes call for whole milk while others say you should use any nut based milk. While heating the milk over medium heat on the stovetop I added raw honey, cinnamon, fresh grated turmeric and ginger. Add however much or little you like.
Remember to allow the milk to cool a little before drinking. Duh, I know, but I was so excited about trying golden milk that I burnt my tongue 😉


One year later 

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Last year at this time I was being prepped for an “emergency c-section”. I was terrified for my life when the needle hit a nerve. Although there is still nerve damage and scarring my baby girl was worth it all. I am thankful to my Creator for blessing me with such a beautiful loan. Masha’Allah. She is a blessing to our family. Although I do not celebrate birthdays I recognize what my Lord made. I am thankful to be alive. I am thankful 🙂  

Dolfun Boat Tours’ Captain Bob Ballinger tells Muslim couple to “go back to your country, you Arab!”

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Marwa Attia of Melbourne Florida was planning a nice Father’s Day gift for her husband Jason Feildhouse with Dolfun Boat Tours. What happened when they arrived a little early for their tour  left them feeling disrespected and discriminated against.

Attia’s account of the incident on 6/14/15

“I was planning an early Father’s Day surprise for my husband and bought tickets for June, 14 2015 with Dolfun Tour which is a sightseeing boat tour. Our reservations was for 1pm the confirmation email stated to arrive 20 min early. We arrived earlier than that because we were very excited. When Captain Bob Ballinger arrived he was very rude and disrespectful. He told us we were trespassing because we arrived earlier than the 20 min that the email stated (later we were notified by a resident of the Marina that in fact we were not trespassing and that people show up early all the time). We told him that we want to cancel our reservations and will be leaving a review of our experience. He then responds by saying “I don’t give a sh@$. Go back to your country you Arab”. My husband responded by saying, “I’m more American than you are. I’m a Native American Indian.” The Captain became irate and threatened my husband, so we left.”

This is absolutely disgusting on top of terrible customer service. Please share and get the word out. Expose Dolfun Boat Tours as a business run by racists bigots!!!

The couple has contacted CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) and are waiting for a response. 

In the meantime go to trip advisor, yelp, google, and their Facebook page and leave a review. 

Warn others not to do business with racists bigots! Would you feel safe on a boat with a racist bigot? 

Edit: It’s been brought to my attention that most of Dolfuntours’ business comes from groupon and it’s impossible to leave a review until the vouchers are redeemed. Please continue to share and shut this business down! 

Dolfun Boat Tours 4399 N U S Hwy 1 Melbourne Fl phone #321-693-0898


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By now you have probably all heard about Rachel Dolezal, the NAACP leader who was passing as an African American. Dolezal’s parents have come forth and revealed that she is in fact Caucasian. So many questions have arisen on social media. While many of the questions are quite comical, the fact still remains that  we live in a society where there is so much racism and hate towards people of African decent. So much so that there are people of African descent who appear to be Caucasian that are passing simply because they can. 

I can’t help but think of the book “Black Like Me” by John Howard Griffen. In this book, Griffen disguises himself as African American in one of the most racist states in the south, Mississippi. He traveled through a few other southern states documenting his experience as an African American man.  As far as I remember Griffin’s family was not aware of the experiment he was conducting. Had social media existed in those times, it would not have been much of a secret that he was living as an African American IF he had public profiles on different sites. 

In the case of Dolezal, I can only imagine she was conducting a social experiment but was outed by her family. If Dolezal was in fact documenting her experiences to write a book it would have been a good idea if she wasn’t  tweeting and posting so much on social media. You know, kinda keep it quiet. Just an idea. So in the end, I’d just like to #askrachel if she was documenting her experiences for an upcoming book?  


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