Dolfun Boat Tours’ Captain Bob Ballinger tells Muslim couple to “go back to your country, you Arab!”

Marwa Attia of Melbourne Florida was planning a nice Father’s Day gift for her husband Jason Feildhouse with Dolfun Boat Tours. What happened when they arrived a little early for their tour  left them feeling disrespected and discriminated against.

Attia’s account of the incident on 6/14/15

“I was planning an early Father’s Day surprise for my husband and bought tickets for June, 14 2015 with Dolfun Tour which is a sightseeing boat tour. Our reservations was for 1pm the confirmation email stated to arrive 20 min early. We arrived earlier than that because we were very excited. When Captain Bob Ballinger arrived he was very rude and disrespectful. He told us we were trespassing because we arrived earlier than the 20 min that the email stated (later we were notified by a resident of the Marina that in fact we were not trespassing and that people show up early all the time). We told him that we want to cancel our reservations and will be leaving a review of our experience. He then responds by saying “I don’t give a sh@$. Go back to your country you Arab”. My husband responded by saying, “I’m more American than you are. I’m a Native American Indian.” The Captain became irate and threatened my husband, so we left.”

This is absolutely disgusting on top of terrible customer service. Please share and get the word out. Expose Dolfun Boat Tours as a business run by racists bigots!!!

The couple has contacted CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) and are waiting for a response. 

In the meantime go to trip advisor, yelp, google, and their Facebook page and leave a review. 

Warn others not to do business with racists bigots! Would you feel safe on a boat with a racist bigot? 

Edit: It’s been brought to my attention that most of Dolfuntours’ business comes from groupon and it’s impossible to leave a review until the vouchers are redeemed. Please continue to share and shut this business down! 

Dolfun Boat Tours 4399 N U S Hwy 1 Melbourne Fl phone #321-693-0898


4 Responses to “Dolfun Boat Tours’ Captain Bob Ballinger tells Muslim couple to “go back to your country, you Arab!””

  1. I will definitely avoid this place. It is so that racism still exists. Everyone was created equal.


  2. Toobas! They still treat people like that. In a countey like america whre ppl say they r liberal, this is sad and lame! Hate this.


    • There are still some racist ignorant people in America. You have to remember the laws changed that forced better treatment towards African Americans but their hearts were still the same. So now the same racist bigoted people are displaying their hate towards Muslims.


  3. Theresa Says:

    He was a disgusting pig to me and my family the other day. What a slob. Disgraceful. Not sure why he is still in business.


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