Golden Milk- My new favorite drink :)

I am so in love with this drink. It’s made with turmeric. Turmeric has so many amazing health benefits. One that I like to point out is its ability to help with pain/inflammation. If you suffer from diseases such as lupus, arthritis, or severe migraines you may want to incorporate turmeric in your diet. 

First you are going to want to make a turmeric paste. I used a recipe from Youtube channel SikhNet. As stated in the video turmeric is used in many Indian dishes especially those with curry. I like to use turmeric to make yellow rice. I also mix a little turmeric in a tea I drink daily.

I tweaked the directions in the video for the golden milk by adding 1 tablespoon of turmeric paste to a few cups of almond milk. Some recipes call for whole milk while others say you should use any nut based milk. While heating the milk over medium heat on the stovetop I added raw honey, cinnamon, fresh grated turmeric and ginger. Add however much or little you like.
Remember to allow the milk to cool a little before drinking. Duh, I know, but I was so excited about trying golden milk that I burnt my tongue 😉



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