For the “what about Black on Black crime” folks

A friend of mine is in a terrible relationship. Let’s call her Anne.Her husband has abused her for some time. At first the abuse was just verbal. He would call her names and put her down whenever she would make an attempt attempt to accomplish anything. I advised her to call the domestic abuse hotline but she refused claiming things weren’t so bad. Eventually the abuse became physical. Anne’s husband once dragged her by her hair because his food was too hot. It wasn’t until Anne’s husband struck her while she held their newborn for crying too much that she had enough. Anne suspected the abuse would trickle down to their child and she didn’t want that to happen. She finally decided to call the hotline in hopes of receiving some advice about her situation.
Once on the line the operator somehow obtained some information about Anne. The operator told Anne she shouldn’t be concerned about the abuse because she has some unhealthy lifestyles that are equivalent to the abuse. Anne picked up a bad habit of smoking because of the stress from her relationship. Anne had also began eating poorly and subsequently gained some weight. The operator pointed this out to Anne telling her she is damaging her own health so how dare she complain about being abused? Anne cried as she tried to understand the connection. All Anne wanted was for the abuse to stop. She realized the damage she was doing to her own health and was working towards making some healthy lifestyle changes but also wanted to live a life without being abused constantly. 

This is what the “what about black on black crime” folks sound like. The issue of police brutality is one of abuse and excessive force. When stories after stories about police brutality are heard and all some can think of is how imperfect African Americans are then it’s showing a deeper issue. For starters, it’s a total lack of empathy concerning the abuse. Secondly, the inability to focus on multiple issues is evident. Yes Black on Black crime exist. Yes there is Obesity in the Black community. Yes there are drugs in the Black community. But SO WHAT!!! These same issues exist in any community you find in the United States not just the Black community. 

So claiming Black on Black crime should prevent us from speaking out on Police brutality and the use of excessive force is ridiculous! We need to be able to focus on multiple issues at once. After all how crazy would it sound to tell an abused woman to fix herself before she seeks help???



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