Some of yall don’t know you’re racist so I’m here to tell you

Yesterday I posted this picture of a book I was required to read in college about discrimination and prejudice with the caption “some of yall don’t know you’re racist” and encouraged the reading of the book. Now I would like to elaborate a little on exactly what I meant. Many of my post have to do with current events around the world but frequently I will post about racism. I am not of the belief that we live in a post racial society. Especially in the United States, there is much proof that racism is alive and well. With that being said many times I get comments on my posts that are similar to “oh that’s messed up” to “we all bleed the same; I’m so tired of this racist stuff” etc ect ect. 

Well, I am sorry to have to point this out but I have had to ban friends of those same friends from my Facebook blog page for making racist bigoted comments. So coming  on my post telling me how much racism sucks really makes me give you the major side eye. How about you preach that to your racist friends? When your racist friends make comments on your posts that are discriminatory instead of “liking” their comments (or in some instances quickly deleting) why not refute them? Unless of course you are a closet racist yourself. Speaking out on racism is all of our responsibility. Not just the ones who are being oppressed. If you in fact disagree with racism make it known. Preaching to me or others who actively oppose racism and bigotry is pointless. We are aware of how much “it sucks”. Go to your friends and tell them how terrible it is when they make racist comments. Tell them how tired you are of this “racist stuff”. I’m done!!!



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