A familiar scene amongst Muslims 

I am certain this may happen with other faiths but as a Muslims American who has been around both Muslims and those who are not, I must say this happens a lot with Muslims. So we are sitting in a restaurant having an early dinner and there is a family dining close by that consists of 3 male adults, their wives and children are sitting near by at a separate table. All together there about 10 people. The guy on the left gets up to pay and as he is standing at the register a second man races towards the register insisting he pays. Then the third man approaches. All three are reaching over each other to pay the bill. All I could do is look and smile and say “Masha’Allah”(God Willed it). I had to pull out my phone and record so that I could share with you all. I hope you all enjoy seeing this most kind generous act amongst Muslims. I had to blur out their faces as I did not have permission to record them. 


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