It’s 2015 and I remain disgusted by the use of the n-word; especially by other Muslims

Yeah this happened. I was debating on whether or not to post this but decided  I should. So I’m in this group on Facebook with mostly Muslim women who discuss random topics and among them is men who can’t seem to take no for answer when asked not to privately contact us. It’s all fun and games; laughs and jokes until this happens. A “sister” decides to spew the n-word.   
After I point out it is offensive she offers a half apology “I’m sorry YOU are offended”. Pretty much implying I’m the only one and I shouldn’t be. Soon after she comes back with “ain’t even my Effin problem that u can’t get over history…” WHOA and there is no racism in Islam? That statement alone was loaded with prejudice and insensitivity towards another race. Has it been the black race or not.Imagine someone saying anything close to holocaust victims. No way would that ever fly. Anyway, it’s hard to receive and accept an apology followed by such disrespect. 

It’s interesting that people claim the word is used for “buddy” or “dude” but that was not the context in which is was used but ok “sister”.

Other than feeling totally disgusted,  the even more disappointing part was that no one else came to my defense. It’s not like I was expecting it but dang, there is no racism in Islam. Yeah right. Take away the racism clearly there is no respect for each other when we say something is hurtful and disrespectful and still faced with such negativity. 


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