Reflections on the Movie Selma

My mother was born in Selma Alabama. She was a little girl when all of the marches took place. She actually saw the people marching through Selma. When people say racism is over and that was so long ago I think of my mother, Grandmother, Aunts, Uncles, and cousins who lived through the most difficult times in America. No signed piece of paper eliminated the hate that was in the hearts of racist Americans. The trauma they lived through did not magically go away because a paper was signed to end certain racist practices. That’s number one. 
Second thought, I’ve come to not have much faith in the justice system because of recent events. I’ve always been aware that this is the result of racist practices that stem back from beyond slavery. Many African Americans have yet to see justice from crimes committed against them. This is the history and tradition of America. The children and grandchildren of those racist criminals with authority are still around following in the footsteps of their forefathers. They have inherited the ways in which they operate. One does not just become moral and just because a paper is signed prohibiting their evil actions. In fact, like the cycle of abuse, one only hides their animosity for some time and then explodes with fury. Most recently we have gotten a glimpse of this fury when confederate flag supporters were faced with opposition. The hate hidden well came to light. 

Thirdly, I find it absolutely sickening that African Americans had to go through so much hell just for basic rights. A few years ago during election time, my mother called me to remind what Many had to go through for the right to vote. She reminded me that many had died for that right. As I watched the movie my stomach turned as a got a visual of what that struggle was like. We may not be struggling for the right to vote but there is a fight for basic rights; not to be killed by police. Although people of all races have suffered at the hands of corrupt cops statistics prove minorities are being killed at a higher rate by the police. A racist will have you believe casualties of police brutality and murder is due to citizens no following laws but dash cams, witnesses, and history will show you otherwise. Our justice system needs much reform. The killings and brutality must stop. This is something folks should not have to march, beg, plead about. 



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