What NOT to do during Jummuah Prayer

I’m sure every Friday we expect to go to Jummuah prayer and have this amazing spiritual enlightening experience. But many times it’s not like that. We find ourselves having to be extra patient and think happy thoughts when others seem to not know the does and don’ts of the Friday Prayers. Here is a short list of what NOT to do during Jummuah prayer. Feel free to add to the list.
1. Enter AFTER the Khutbah has begun and greet everyone. Please wait until it’s over. Talking during the Khutbah is like talking during your prayer. Don’t do it.
2. Answer your phone. See #1.
3. Ask people questions. Even though you may feel it is extremely important to know who speaks the same language as you or where someone is from please don’t. It’s not that important.
4. Talk over the Imam and make attempts to finish his sentences. This is just plain annoying. This makes you look like a “know it all”. Just don’t. 
5. Shush other people’s babies for cooing after you’ve done 1-4. Really?!?!? Really?!?!
6. Greet the masjid with two rakah in an extra loud whisper. This is a silent prayer. Silent. 
7. Recite over the Imam as he is leading the salah. Ok Alhamdulillah Masha’Allah you know the Surah. This is excellent but your loud whisper is distracting everyone. One Imam. One. Let him do it. 


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