Reflections on Domestic Violence Awareness Month

While reflecting upon Domestic Violence Awareness Month I’d like to make this post about what it was like discussing this topic. As I mentioned in the very first post about my experience, I sensed a very high level of anxiety. Once I made the post public the nervousness did not subside. I questioned whether it was the right thing to do until I began to receive messages on Facebook from other women who had similar experiences. It was at that point that I forgot about how anxious I felt. As the messages continued I felt more and more compelled to speak up. It wasn’t easy but I felt it had to be done. When I heard stories about women who died at the hands of their abusers I felt nothing but the need to continue these posts. 
Although much of the feedback was positive and from women who had the courage to escape their abusive mates there were some negative responses. Some left very nasty comments on my posts. Profanity and racial slurs were thrown at me. Although my posts were aimed at spreading awareness about domestic violence some individuals did not appreciate that. I could only imagine they themselves are abusers or the ones who defend this type of behavior. Regardless, I did not let it stop me from discussing an issue that affects so many around the world. 
Throughout the month I came across many posts about domestic violence and was very pleased to see more community leaders speaking up but honestly I think it should be more. Now that this issue is brought to light we can not continue ignoring it. Too many are suffering in silence. Too many are afraid to speak up. Too many feel there is no point in speaking with an Imam because they have been let down in the past. Too many feel the ill treatment is a better option rather than bring “shame” to their families. This type of thinking is problematic and we have to be the ones to change the way domestic violence is viewed in our communities. 
With that being said, I strongly suggest we continue to discuss domestic violence in the Muslim community. As mentioned in a previous post, we have the best example of how to treat our spouses. Violence has no place in the home of a believer. Now that the discussion is open let’s not close it because Domestic Violence Awareness month is over. The purpose was to spread awareness and encourage those currently in an abusive relationship to seek help. There is help. There is a life of peace. There is a life without your spouse using you as a punching bag. There is a life where you do not have to walk on eggshells out of fear of an explosion. There is life of happiness once you decide abuse is not acceptable. 
In closing, I would like to remind all of my readers to take what you now know about domestic violence and remember we all have a role to play in helping those who are oppressed. May we all be protected from violence in our homes. May we all feel the need to defend those who live under such circumstances. May we all stop closing our eyes when know of abuse. May we all speak up and end the silence on domestic violence. 



2 Responses to “Reflections on Domestic Violence Awareness Month”

  1. Domestic violence is a disease that needs be ripped from the soul and minds of those perpetrators causing mental and physical oppression to their spouse, significant other or whatever you want to call it. How can this be done? If most of our respected leaders in our communities would pay more attention to these matters when brought to their attention,and instead of saying,”oh it will be alright, or go home and cook for him..wear something nice and things will be fine. Allah (God) will provide”. Stop making women feel as if its their fault that she must not be doing or not fulfilling duties as expected. Help do something about it! If a women has gone to her family and her Imam and cannot receive the proper logical help, then she must reach out to domestic violence centers that understand and are willing to give the help she needs. It’s a long process for a women to finally be ready to admit she needs help from abuse, so when she does reach out to someone, she is tired, she is at her wits end and needs someone to sincerely guide her in the right direction to not only protect herself and others around her, but to take the steps to advance in her life and become successful mentally, physically and spiritually stronger than she had ever been before.

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