Muslim College Student Harassed for Wearing Hijab by Melbourne Square Mall Vendor

Raneem Hassan decided to spend her first day of vacation shopping at the Melbourne Square Mall in Melbourne, Florida. It all went south when she was approached by a bathtub vendor. Hassan was asked if she would like to purchase a bathtub and when she refused the vendor asked her why she “wears that” pointing to her hijab. Hassan answered it was part of her faith when the vendor angrily responded “No! It’s culture!” Hassan kindly informed the vendor it was part of her faith and attempted to walk away.
The vendor then said “You’re in America!” As Hassan continued to walk away she tells the vendor she will continue to practice her religion regardless of where she is. The vendor follows Hassan and steps in front of her and tells her to remove her hijab and “look like us Americans”. Hassan retorted by telling the vendor to move from her personal space and added that she is American and entitled to her personal beliefs.
Hassan managed to get away from the vendor and enter Macy’s. As Hassan left the department store the vendor was waiting at the exact spot where she entered and proceeded to follow her. The vendor asked Hassan why there are so many of them (Muslims) in the United States and that they should do that (cover their heads) back home. Hassan, feeling uncomfortable due to the harassment, hurriedly left the mall hoping the vendor would not follow her to her car. Luckily, the vendor stayed inside of the mall and the harassment ended there.
Hassan is filing a complaint with the customer service department of the Melbourne Square Mall. Muslims should be able to shop without harassment from store owners, vendors, or consumers.
Unfortunately Islamophobia is on the rise in the United States and Muslim women must be aware of their surroundings at all time. With all of the hate crimes towards Muslim women in the past few weeks I am happy to report that Hassan was not physically injured, but must point out the seriousness of such harassment.


15 Responses to “Muslim College Student Harassed for Wearing Hijab by Melbourne Square Mall Vendor”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. I’m disheartened that she experienced such crap when she just wanted a relaxing day off!


  2. Its Florida most disgusting and embarrassment state after Texas!


  3. I live in Melbourne and I’m disgusted by this. If you could share my contact info with Raneem and she would like to get in touch, I would be happy to go back with her to the mall to confront this douche bag, so that she has backup. You’re welcome to do some research into me before you pass the info along (If you search either “Josh Fonner” or “theronin23”, my life is pretty much on the internet) if you’d like, but if Raneem would like to confront this, I would like to help her.

    Josh Fonner

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  4. That vendor is a coward, hatemongers are sick people, just looking for an opportunity to be abusive if they feel they can get away with it, I hope Hassan goes to the Mall as often as She can, it’s important She continues to do so.


  5. Raneem hassan is my bestfriend.. i dont care where she comes from or what religion she is . we have been friends for about nine years an i wouldnt want a different person in my life.. all yu guys wit the hate on muslims can go fuck your self they are careing people like ANY OF US.. yes there are some fuckd up muslims but there are fuckd up WHITE people an BLACKS an MEXICANS people. so what is BIG problem? Nothing you people just are miserable an cant do anything else better wit your life then to talk down bout other people an harass them.. this is america we are here to be free so let them be free an be there selfs with out hate… i love you RANEEM .. stay strong baby girl !! Im always here for you


  6. I also live in Melbourne and it makes me so sad to know that this happened in my town. I pray that he is given clarity to see the error in his ways. I pray that Raneem never has to experience that type of harassment and disrespect ever again.
    Raneem, I am so sorry that this happened to you.


  7. Wat an ass. If it was a burka, i can understand. But she wasnt wearing one.. Good luck with your outcome Raneem..


  8. Could someone tell me what vendor at the mall it was I will be glad to speak with management and have there booth or business removed .this is totally against practise of a mature business that is under operation.

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  9. I live right around the corner from that mall. I’ve worked in that mall on and off since I was 15. There is a very large Muslim community that lives in this area and many enjoy relaxing at the mall. I hope they band together to let the mall management and that vendor know they won’t stand for such treatment.

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  10. I am working with this young woman to try to rectify this situation.


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