Tips On How To Respond To A Woman In Hijab

Tips on how to respond to a woman in Hijab. 

In a world where women seem to be wearing less and less clothing, seeing a woman covered can be quite alarming. The startling effect may be especially intensified in a town where the Muslim population isn’t so high. One may wonder how to respond when seeing a hijabi (Muslim woman wearing my hijab). Here are a few tips that’ll keep life smooth: 

1. Mind your own business. This is the simplest thing one can do when they see a woman in hijab. Her decision to wear hijab isn’t up for debate. Whether one acknowledges a woman in hijab or not, she will still wear it. If your dislike for hijab is so strong the best advice I can give is : Mind your own business 🙂 

2. Save negative comments. It’s not necessary. Negative comments won’t make a hijab wearing woman suddenly decide to remove the hijab. Blurting out “it’s too hot for all of that!” is just so childish. I couldn’t wear someone else’s hair sewn or glued to my scalp but you won’t catch me speaking nonsense every time I see a woman wearing a weave. I actually think some weaves look nice but the unnecessary commentary about what I can’t do won’t leave my lips. It’s so pointless. I just can’t begin to explain how ridiculous one appears making such comments. Remember, no one asked you. 
3. Don’t ask silly questions. Honestly, I don’t mind questions as long as they are respectful and make sense. If you want to know why I wear hijab you can ask me. One can only learn by asking questions. What really gets me is when someone wastes my time by asking a silly question like “do you shower with that on?” Or “do you wear that to sleep”. Let’s think about this for a moment and analyze why such questions are in fact petty. Firstly, what would happen if you showered with clothes on? A hijab is just an article of clothing. Do you shower with your pants and shirt on? Asking if one showers with hijab is basically the same. As for the “do you wear that to sleep?”. Think about it. If you’ve seen me on more than one occasion wearing a different hijab why would you think I wear the same hijab to sleep, in the shower, etc? It just doesn’t make sense and I’m totally giving you the side-eye if you’ve ever asked such a question. 

4. Keep your hands to yourself. Unfortunately, some find snatching a woman’s hijab off comical. It’s only fair that a warning is given that not all hijab wearing women will take this lightly. Touching my hijab is assault. I will react. Please don’t. 

5. Don’t stare. Staring is still rude. Yeah we know we look different. We know what the media says about us. Still, We.Are.Human. When I step out my only desire is to conduct business without catching a creep staring me down with an evil glare. It’s weird. At least if you are going to stare respond when I say “hello” otherwise prepare for a stare down and trust me, I won’t lose. Muahaaahahaaahaha!!! Just kidding. But for real, don’t get caught staring and expect a meek reaction. Staring is weird and rude. 

6. Be respectful and respect you shall receive. That is the bottom line. I respect those who respect me. You don’t have to like the way a Muslim woman CHOSES to dress show respect. You can say “hello” or not. Either way is fine with me, but please don’t stare and make rude comments. It is possible to have a civil interaction. Opinions concerning another’s lifestyle aren’t always necessary. Let’s keep it polite.  



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