Ankara Kouture review

I ordered the “Kente Empress” wrap and earring set on the 23rd of June. Initially I hoped to wear this set on Eid which was predicted to be on either the 5th or 6th of July. I figured I had enough time since standard shipment for the company stated 2-5 business days. After placing the order I get an email saying my order should arrive in 7-10 business days. I was a little disappointed as I’d already planned my Eid outfit and all that was needed was the wrap and earrings. 
Fast forward 7-10 business days, still my order had not arrived. I waited a little longer before reaching out to the company. On the 19th of July (nearly a month after placing my order) I email the company to let them know I hadn’t received my order. I didn’t get a reply so two days later I send a Facebook message to the company page. Still no reply. Finally I comment on a post asking to be contacted about my order. Less than two hours later I get a response asking for my order number. I provide the number but still no details about my package was given. I wait three days then comment on a public post again asking for details about my order. Once again I get a quick response. I get an apology for poor communication. In addition I was told my order was held up in customs and should arrive soon. 
Two days later my package arrives but it’s not the item I ordered. The picture of the “Kente Empress” is black and white. The item I received was black, white, and red. The fabric looks much different than in the picture as well. I immediately send a message and a photo about the mix up but have yet to get a reply. This message was sent 28th of July. 
When I received the package Thursday I checked the website to see if the description included “red” and the item was marked “sold out” so I was unable to click the item description. A few days later the website was marked “currently unavailable”. 
At this point I have no choice but to keep the item but I must give this company 1 star for overall dealings. Shipping was slow. Communication was poor. The icing on the cake was receiving an item I didn’t order. It looks similar but definitely is not the same.

What I ordered on the right. What I received on the left. (Photo credit: Ankara Kouture website)


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