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Unjust (full video)

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I’m disgusted by the taste of blood from biting my tongue

It’s been a long time, I can no longer be the silent one

And this is strictly about those serving extended time

For nothing more than a nonviolent crime

Is the purpose to rehabilitate

Or completely annihilate

The soul of a child, woman, or man

It’s clear it’s a real sick and demented plan

That’s about more than keeping the streets safe

And if it’s really the case

Why the discrepancies when it comes to sentences?

Why are these rapist and child molestors roaming free?

While others are serving close to life terms for some weed?

This can’t be about redemption

When the prison is another form of mass production

Close to free labor; just call is slavery

Charging them as men when they couldn’t win since they were babies

Who are the ones with the harsher convictions?

Who are the ones mostly exonerated?

But not before their spirits are completely obliterated

And these are stats

So don’t bother ask me why I’m worried about that

Because when I cry my tears are black

So I spit facts laced, traced, and dipped in all black

And if I ever take this off then my skin is still Black

So what’s up?!?! Video shot by: @areginalmedia

Protestors: @n.a.j.i.y.y.a.h @saudia_halim @nafoosaa @huey_delite <——> ::swipe::

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