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My girls have been watching videos on Karter Zaher fan page and wanted to do one of their own.

The topic chosen was “Jummuah”. Jummuah is Friday in Arabic and a very special day for Muslims.

Go to my Fb page to hear their version 😉

All American Muslima



Celebrate the living.

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Once while going through an extremely difficult time in college I felt like giving up. I was overwhelmed and stressed by the day to day demands of driving back and forth to school, working, parenting, etc. I just didn’t want to do anything anymore. A friend of mine came over and was sitting at my computer desk while I worked on an assignment. We’d previously discussed the hardships I was experiencing. When she left I noticed a letter addressed to me sitting on my desk. I opened it and read all these kind words she had written. It was very encouraging and helped me get through that rough patch.

Many times we wait until someone is not around to appreciate them. While they are present we may not necessarily mistreat them but we have a hard time letting our loved ones know what their presence means. Often an unexpected departure, either temporarily by relocating or permanently by death, moves us to speak highly of others. Why must it be that way? I’d bet that there would be less ill feelings and negativity if we could celebrate life by letting others know what they mean to us. So from now on I would like to challenge myself and everyone reading this to praise our loved ones by telling them what they mean. Don’t wait until the unexpected happens to tell the whole world that your best friend was the coolest person or that so and so was amazing. Do it now. You never know what affect your words may have.
There are many ways you can get this message across. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Write letter. These days everyone sends text, Facebook, or email messages. Writing a letter has become a thing of the past but I think it shows that one has put more of an effort and thought into what they wish to convey.

2. Send a card. Cards aren’t just for birthdays or special occasions. You can add to a message already printed in the card. Show someone they are deserving of such kindness whether they are right up the street or far away.

3. Status update. I saw this on Facebook just yesterday. A friend of mine tagged a few people in a status update to tell them about their unique qualities. I thought this was amazing because I see more status updates about qualities disliked rather than admired traits.

4. Random text messages. In my opinion it takes the least amount of effort to send a text message but it’s always nice to receive one.

This is just a reminder to myself and others to celebrate those who are in our lives. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Everyone needs a word of encouragement and to hear they are appreciated every now and then. Just because a smile is worn assuming all is well is still an assumption. Peace and blessing.

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